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Fräkmündt - Uufwärts E D'Föuse... CD Digipak

26.09.2014 Item #: AB 061 Auerbach

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The conceptional mini album reissued with bonus material

Fräkmündt's second release is a conceptional mini album about a mountain hike in the Swiss Central Alps. This re-release comes with extensive liner notes and an eccentric cover version of Mayhem's "Chainsaw Gutsfuck" as a bonus.

1. Aupsäge
2. Uufwärts E D'Föuse
3. S'nachtet Y
4. S'Schyne
5. Höttehöck
6. Stouz Ond Frey
7. Bärgtröim
8. Chettesaagijuchz (Mayhem cover) (bonus track)

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