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Sol Invictus - The Devil's Steed CD Digipak

03.02.2012 Item #: AB 050 Auerbach

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Noble re-release of the Sol Invictus classic with four bonus tracks

Up until the release of "The Cruellest Month" in summer 2011, "The Devil's Steed" from 2005 was Sol Invictus' most recent album, and the one that saw Wakeford returning to a more classical folkloristic style. Apart from the customary high-quality packaging of all Sol Invictus re-releases (limited, portrait-format Digipak, revised artwork, liner notes), this new edition of "The Devil's Steed" also includes a new version of the song 'Looking For Europe' (as known from the homonymous Neofolk compendium) as well as previously unreleased demo versions of the tracks 'There Did Three Knights Come From The West', 'The North Ship', and 'The Devil's Steed.'

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