Kari - Pilot CD

25.11.2002 Item #: PRO 056 Prophecy Productions
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The third solo album by the former singer of The 3rd & The Mortal

With "Pilot", Kari Rueslatten, the former front-woman of The 3rd & The Mortal who once sang on the unforgettable classics "Sorrow" and "Tears Laid In Earth", releases her third solo album. Combining Folk/Pop with Singer/Songwriter qualities and a state-of-the-art production, this album allows a lot of space for Kari's enchanting voice and her seductive and irresistible melodies.

1 Calling You
2 River
3 Never Fly Away
4 Denial
5 Snow
6 Exile
7 Pilot
8 Smile In Your Sleep
9 Leaving
10 Beautiful Morning
11 Love I Gave
12 Butterfly Milk

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