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Xasthur - Inevitably Dark Vinyl 2-LP Gatefold | black

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There is hardly a more fitting title for the new XASTHUR compositions than "Inevitably Dark". Darkness is the element that holds all the tracks together despite the fact that they are expressed in a multitude of genres, which even includes black metal. This time. Be warned: this album is neither meant as a return to black metal of mastermind Scott Conner, even though he does this time, nor a guarantee that it will happen again next time – although, he might. Conner has used black metal, dark ambient, acid folk, doomgrass, and other genres to express what he has seen and felt, as well as a way to find his own sound or style at a point in time – for example when he was without a steady home and often living in hotels or cars. His insights into the underbelly of the American dream are reflected in the lyrics of "Inevitably Dark", which are there even though there is no singing on the album. Conner recorded all the tracks of "Inevitably Dark" live and by himself, which might make it sound coarse to modern ears, but it is just the grit and stain of unfiltered reality. XASTHUR were originally conceived by vocalist and multi-instrumentalist Scott Conner in California, USA in the year 1995. The project started out in the vein of bleak black metal in the tradition of the Nordic second wave. Over the course of nine albums and a host of split-singles, EPs, and occasional demos, XASTHUR's individual, particularly depressive style became highly regarded within the extreme genre. In 2010, Scott announced the end of XASTHUR and returned with an acoustic dark folk project under the banner of NOCTURNAL POISONING. In 2015, the American artist returned to the name XASTHUR, but insisted that his black metal days were over. With "Inevitably Dark", XASTHUR have partly lifted the self-imposed ban on black metal, simply because Conner felt like it and therefore did it. This double-album is not written to serve any genre purpose, but foremost a piece of musical darkness and self-reflection.

01. Affect/Infect
02. A Future to Fear II
03. Psychiatric Carelessness
04. Euphoric Bad Trip
05. Live like a broken mirror
06. Trauma Fiends
07. Abandoned Intuition
08. Concrete mattress
09. I'm not guilty of your past
10. Another Gutter
11. Inevitably dark
12. Spectrum of hate
13. Benefits of dying Part 2

01. Mirroring Failure
02. Overdose on Diversions
03. Worse than the good old days
04. Blizzard inside a coma
05. HellRot
06. Hypnotized by lies
07. Stigmatized Grave
08. Delusional identities
09. Sing it at your funeral
10. Projection of Inferiority II

Bonus tracks (artbook only):
01. Segue
02. A mind of you're owned
03. Behind the scenes
04. Choreographic tragedies
05. This can't end well

Gatefold double LP (black vinyl), padded inner sleeves, and protection sleeve

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