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Tenhi - Kertomuksia / Hallavedet Vinyl LP | Clear

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"Kertomuksia / Hallavedet" combines Tenhi's releases before their debut album "Kauan" for the first time on one sound carrier: the demo "Kertomuksia" (1997) and the EP "Hallavedet" (1998). Included as a bonus is the song 'Etäisyyksien Taa' from Tenhi's promo tape (1997).

1. Näkin Laulu
2. Havuisissa Saleissa
3. Tenhi
4. Etäisyyksien Taa
5. Hallavedet
6. Hiljaiseksi Lampi Jää

LP (clear vinyl), remastered, incl. 1 bonus track, with insert, padded inner sleeve and protection sleeve (300 copies)

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