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Stille Volk - Satyre Cornu CD Digipak

27.08.2001 Item #: PRO 040 Prophecy Productions

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Mysterious mediaeval folk music from the Pyreneans

On "Satyre Cornu", the French mediaeval folk duo Stille Volk enchants the listener with mystical, sometimes joyful, sometimes sinister tunes with lyrics deeply rooted in pagan traditions and the worship of the god Pan. Old legends come to life again and take us on a journey to the era of the troubadours of the 12th century. By using Old French lyrics, Stille Volk manage to create an authentic atmosphere you'll find nowhere else.

1 Le Satyre Cornu
2 Rassa Tan Creis
3 Pan Domna Poc
4 Le Crapauds
5 Le Reveil De Pan
6 Marche Nocturne
7 La Vengeance De Pan
8 Quan L?Herba Fresca
9 Invocation A Pan
10 Adoumestica Una Terro
11 Le Satyre Cornu 2

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