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Spiritual Front - Rotten Roma Casino

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"Rotten Roma Casino" (2010) is the follow-up to the seminal "Armageddon Gigolo" album (2006). The album presents the band's unmistakable style: suicide pop with melancholic melodies, stirring guitar chords and emotional vocal parts. But "Rotten Roma Casino" goes even further: The band has reassembled their tried and tested ensemble, including chamber musicians from Ennio Morricone, and once again set off a firework of hits. The album title refers to a metaphorical, decadent Rome of wonder, monstrosity and passion, akin to Fellini's "Roma".

On "Rotten Roma Casino" Spiritual Front deliberately shed their underground roots and create their own variant of morbid folk-pop, which combines indie rock, neofolk and tango into an intense, heartbreakingly sincere mixture. The album is a fresh, original and musically mature work, uncompromising yet catchy, sweet yet disturbing.

01. Darkroom Friendship
02. Sad Almost A Winner
03. My Erotic Sacrifice
04. Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die
05. The Days Of Anger
06. German Boys
07. Odete
08. Black Dogs Of Mexico
09. Song For Johnny
10. Bare Knuckle Boy
11. Cold Love (In A Cold Coffin)
12. Overkilled Heart

Bonus CD (only artbook):
01. Read His Lips
02. Nothing to Celebrate
03. Everything Dies
04. Bleed and Repeat
05. Only Now
06. Our Small Decadent World
07. Ascolta
08. Dubroom Friendship
09. Darkroom Friendship (Remix)

Bonus DVD (only artbook):
01. Ascolta
02. Darkroom Friendship
03. Sesso, Consolazione Della Miseria
04. Sad Almost A Winner
05. Simone H. Salvatori About Spiritual Front
06. Verrà La Morte E Avrà I Tuoi Occhi

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