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Elend - Sunwar The Dead CD Digipak

13.09.2004 Item #: PRO 071 Prophecy Productions
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The second part of the "Winds" cycle

"Sunwar the Dead" is the second part of the five-album cycle started with "Winds Devouring Men" and finished with "A World In Their Screams" (2007). "Sunwar the Dead" sees the core trio recording with a complete classical ensemble and female choir of 50 musicians for the first time, taking the much-admired production of "Winds Devouring Men" to a further level and bringing the sound of the ensemble to a new dimension in terms of liveliness, clarity, complexity, and power.

1. Chaomphalos
2. Ardour
3. Sunwar The Dead
4. Ares In Their Eyes
5. The Hemlock Sea
6. La terre n?aime pas le sang
7. A Song Of Ashes
8. Laceration
9. Poliorketika
10. Blood and Grey Skies Entwined
11. Threnos

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