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Deine Lakaien - Crystal Palace

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»Looking for singers keen to experiment«
If there hadn't been this ad in 1984, Ernst Horn and Alexander Veljanov probably wouldn't have met. And if the decisive adjective for their music hadn't existed, they would have parted ways long ago. DEINE LAKAIEN have released nine studio albums in the band's two-and-a-half-decade history, and in the process have accomplished the feat of making music just for the sake of the music. DEINE LAKAIEN may have been absorbed by one scene or another, but at their core they were always one thing: individual and fearlessly experimental. Their tenth album Crystal Palace was released in 2014.

01. Nevermore
02. Farewell
03. Forever And A Day
04. The Ride
05. Where The Winds Don't Blow
06. Crystal Palace
07. Why The Stars
08. The Lights Of Our Street
09. Those Hills
10. Eternal Sun

Bonus Tracks (only Digipak CD)
11. The Swan Song
12. Portuguese Trails
13. Pilgrim

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