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Bethlehem - Dark Metal

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Re-issue of the groundbreaking debut album

With their groundbreaking debut album, Bethlehem gave name to an entire genre: "Dark Metal". To celebrate the 20th anniversary of this classic, a reissue in Digipak format with bonus DVD will be released. The DVD contains a video recording of a complete Bethlehem concert in Poland from 1994 and is thus a highly interesting document of the early stages of one of the most influential metal bands from Germany.

1. The 11th commandment
2. Apocalyptic Dance
3. Second coming
4. Vargtimmen
5. 3rd Nocturnal prayer
6. Funereal owlblood
7. Veiled irreligion
8. Gepriesen sei der Untergang
Live in Poland 1994
1. The 11th Commandment
2. Apocalyptic Dance
3. Second Coming
4. Vargtimmen
5. Supplementary Exegesis

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