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Production faults with "Skogslandskap" and "Forlatt" CDs

Due to an erroneous production flow, the CD pressings of both Vàli albums released just a couple of days ago, "Skogslandskap" and "Forlatt", are faulty. For this, Prophecy Productions sincerely wants to offer its apologies to all customers, fans of Vàli, and of course, above all, to the artist, Vàli.

The CD edition of Vàli's new album "Skogslandskap" features 19 tracks in total instead of 15 tracks mentioned in the track list, which is unintended. On the CD edition of Vàli's debut album "Forlatt," the general volume is too low, which impairs the listening pleasure significantly in our opinion.

New CD pressings of both albums with the audio content and high-quality sound intended by Vàli and Prophecy have already been commissioned. The fixed CD editions will be available from approximately September 14th on. Customers who already bought the faulty CDs of "Skogslandskap" or "Forlatt" can contact us through our contact form for a replacement of their CD (proof of purchase needed).

Track list of faulty "Skogslandskap" CD pressing:

1. Nordavindens Klagesang
2. I Skumringstimen
3. Gjemt Under Grener
4. Langt I Det Fjerne
5. Mellom Grantraer
6. Himmelens Groenne Arr
7. Haredans I Fjellheimen*
8. Et Teppe Av Mose
9. Frostroeyk**
10. Sevjedraaper
11. Endeloest Moerke**
12. Dystre Naturbilder
13. Flytende Vann
14. Stein Og Bark
15. Lokkende Lyder
16. Hoestmelankoli*
17. Skyggespill
18. Roede Blader
19. Morgengry

* from "Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings"
** previously unreleased

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