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Sol Invictus


"Against The Modern World" and "In The Rain" now available

Since a few days, the enhanced re-issues of Sol Invictus' debut release "Against The Modern World" (originally from 1987) and the classic "In The Rain" album (from 1995) are available!

The "Against The Modern World" CD features the bonus track "The Joy Of The World," known from "Sol Veritas Lux," as well as eight yet unreleased demo recordings of further Sol Invictus songs from the time of origin of "Against...". "In The Rain" is one of Tony Wakeford's favourite Sol Invictus albums. The re-issue is enhanced by the bonus tracks "Hedda Gabbler" (originally from the "Im Blutfeuer" compilation) and "Did You See" (originally from the "Terra Serpentes" compilation).

Both re-issues are released in portrait Digipak format, feature new artworks and are limited to 700 copies each.

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