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Sleeping Pulse


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Sleeping Pulse is the name of the musical collaboration between Mick Moss (Antimatter) and Portugal's Luís Fazendeiro (Painted Black). Whilst Moss concentrates solely on lyrics and vocal lines here, all music is penned by Fazendeiro. With their debut album “Under The Same Sky”, scheduled for release later this year, they create a multi-faceted, modern Rock album that from a lusty-progressive groundwork bends bows to fragile acoustic passages, electronic elements, and soulful string quartet arrangements.

After working closely with Mick Moss and Antimatter since 2002, we are very happy to also work with him now for his new band, Sleeping Pulse. This is what Mick has to say about the conclusion of the contract: "Prophecy Productions' initial investment of belief was crucial to my breakthrough album 'Leaving Eden', and I'm delighted to endeavour with them once more on this rich new project from Luis and myself. Working as a lyricist and vocalist over Luis' evocative music has certainly inspired me to break new ground, for which I am very, very proud. 'Under The Same Sky' is undoubtedly an invaluable milestone in both mine and Luis' personal musical development, and I look forward to further exploring what we can create together."

To get a first impression of Sleeping Pulse' "Under The Same Sky" album, you can listen to an exclusive five minutes preview medley here:

More information on the album release soon!

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