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Prophecy Productions sign Vuur & Zijde | watch video teaser right now!


Prophecy Productions sign newly formed black metallers Vuur & Zijde ("fire and silk"), featuring members of Laster, Nusquama and Terzij de Horde

"We are pleased to spread both fire and silk amongst our brothers and sisters of Prophecy," the Dutchmen say quite descriptively about their contrastive music, which they are going to release firstly on a split EP alongside the enigmatic Impavida.

While recording in a remote yurt on the Frisian shoreside, the band opted for a nostalgic production reminiscent of genre-defining demos from the early 90s to fit their own style. Equally grim and epic, Vuur & Zijde's three songs, which will remain exclusive to this release, also highlight ethereal female vocals and layers of sounds, lending them a weightless, otherworldly character.

Watch a trailer of the split here:

A full-length album is expected for early 2021. More information at a later point …

"Vuur & Zijde / Impavida" is available as Digipak CD and on vinyl (black, ltd. transparent green).

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