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IMHA TARIKAT join the Prophecy Productions family via Lupus Lounge


IMHA TARIKAT have signed a multi-album deal with the Prophey Productions sub-label Lupus Lounge that is dedicated to black metal artists. First release will be the German black metal act's forthcoming second full-length "Sternenberster" as well as a re-issue of their debut album "Kara Ihlas" within a few months.

Kerem Yilmaz aka Ruhsuz Cellât comments: "A storm has been unleashed in the Lupus Lounge", declares the IMHA TARIKAT instigator and mastermind. "It fills me with joy to announce that Imha Tarikat will join a long-term partnership with Prophecy Productions as this unique label is dedicated to dark, emotional, and intense music, which perfectly fits our extremely passionate vision. The decades of experience behind Prophecy will enable our songs to be heard around the globe. Hopefully, you are looking forward to upcoming new releases and the re-issues with as much wild joy as I do!"

Martin Koller adds: "We are stoked to welcome Imha Tarikat to our family", says the SPKR media group founder. "The band at first drew my attention for their excellent guitar work and especially the intensity of their vocals. When talking to Kerem, it became quickly apparent that his raw singing is an expression of the extreme passion that he is feeling for his music. This total artistic dedication is exactly what I am looking for in signing bands to this label."

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