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"Die Welt der dunklen Gärten" now available | press feedback

Seven long years have passed since the release of Hekate's last album "Goddess." Today not only sees the release of "Die Welt der dunklen Gärten," the new work by the Koblenz group, but also of the "Gesammelte Werke" slipcase box-set containing all of Hekate's albums and EPs as well as the exclusive CD "Erinnerungen" featuring many rare and unreleased tracks. The press are in agreement that Hekate's fifth studio album was worth the wait, and they lavish "Die Welt der dunklen Gärten" with praise:

10/10 points, album tip of the month! ORKUS
6/7 points EARSHOT.AT
85/100 points ROCK TRIBUNE
8/10 points PAVILLON666.FR

"Once played, this album won't stop producing an inner cinema for you. In short, this album is fantastic and more than worth the wait!" ORKUS
"This album's musical qualities are marvellous. Wonderful voices are meshed with perfectly arranged and perfectly played instruments to a magic flying carpet that is heading straight towards the gardens." KARFUNKEL
"A compact and consistent album that is absolutely convincing and fuels the hope that the band will soon continue in this vein." NONPOP.DE
"'Die Welt der dunklen Gärten,' the best album by Hekate, is an enchanted forest of beautiful flowers." RITUAL
"A real masterpiece, there are no weeds in this garden. After their break, Hekate have earned themselves a place in Neofolk's Olympus, or rather, Valhalla. A must-have!" MUSIK.TERRORVERLAG.DE
"With 'Die Welt der dunklen Gärten,' Hekate take you on a journey to the world of romanticism, which they aptly transform into world music reminiscent of the legendary Dead Can Dance but also typical of Hekate – an absolute must-have!" KULTURTERRORISMUS.DE
"A superb album, it offers so many facets to enjoy, stands out as unique in the way they have blended all the elements together and is altogether an inspired album worthy of many repeated listens." REFLECTIONSOFDARKNESS.COM
"The album keeps delivering one gem after another. Hekate is back with a great album! Surprise yourself (or someone else) quickly!" PEEK-A-POO-MAGAZINE.BE
"The new work by this band from Koblenz is convincingly arranged and full of atmosphere. It's been worth the long wait!" DER-HOERSPIEGEL.DE
"Lovers of a sophisticated mixture of Neofolk and Neoclassical are going to be very fond of this album!" EARSHOT.AT
"A fantastic feat of song-writing and orchestration. Old fans will instantly feel at home with the record, while new listeners will have something dense and accomplished to sink their teeth into." AVANTGARDE-METAL.COM

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