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Farsot: Music video for "The Antagonist" published


"The Antagonist" is not only Farsot's very first music video, it's also the first song to be published of their upcoming album "FAIL-LURE" (release: 21. April). You can see the outcome here:

This is what Farsot have to say about the song:
"The most straightforward song of the album, which, according to a nebulous prelude - brute and determining leading the direct path into the auditory canal - presents itself as frenetic and incisive. "The Antagonist" takes focus on the roots - on the harsh and untamed side of the band. At the same time it is the main theme of the album. The culmination. The realization. The failing unmasking. The self-abandonment and the open question about the meaning and purpose ..."

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