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Empyrium / The Vision Bleak


Concert requests now via Prophecy Productions

As of now, performances by The Vision Bleak and Empyrium can be booked via Prophecy. Please send requests to that effect to:

In June 2011, exactly 15 years after the release of their debut album "A Wintersunset...," Empyrium have performed their very first concert in the dome hall of Leipzig's Pantheon, enthralling the audience with a selection of songs spanning their whole oeuvre. The venue, with room for 2,000 people, was filled to capacity, and the utterly euphoric crowd greeted the band with standing ovations. For their concerts, Schwadorf and Helm draw on the support of various friends and musicians from other Prophecy groups. Empyrium's live line-up consists of: Schwadorf, Helm, Konstanz (The Vision Bleak), Neige (Alcest), Eviga (Dornenreich), Teyssier (Les Discrets), Deinert (Neun Welten), and Kutzer.

The Vision Bleak are able to look back on an extensive history as a live act. With nearly 100 concerts at home and abroad, including successful tours with Alcest, Therion, The 69 Eyes, Helrunar, and Negura Bunget, the masters of Horror Metal have gained renown as a stirring and energetic live band. Apart from that, the albums by The Vision Bleak are amongst the most successful of Prophecy’s catalogue. Their last record, "Set Sail To Mystery" (2010), entered the German Media Control Charts at No. 65, while its predecessor "The Wolves Go Hunt Their Prey" (2007) charted at No. 93.

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