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Contract extension and new album

By now, Antimatter rank among Prophecy Productions' long-established acts. The original contract with Mick Moss and Duncan Patterson was signed ten years ago in spring 2002 and was the foundation of a fruitful collaboration spanning four albums – "Saviour" (2002), "Lights Out" (2003), "Planetary Confinement" (2005), and "Leaving Eden" (2008) – as well as the comprehensive anniversary compilation "Alternative Matter" (2010).

Today, we are proud to announce that Antimatter have extended their contract with Prophecy for further two albums. This means that Prophecy will continue to support Mick Moss in realising his artistic visions. The work on Antimatter's fifth album, "Fear Of A Unique Identity," is largely completed; its release is tentatively scheduled for the second half year.

Mick Moss has this to say on the contract extension: "I'm energized to be working again with the label who guided Antimatter through its first decade of existence. If any label deserves these next Antimatter albums, it is Prophecy Productions."

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