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A Forest Of Stars / Duncan Evans


Concert booking now via Prophecy Productions

We are proud to announce that from now on, Prophecy will take over booking duties for A Forest Of Stars and Duncan Evans, thus expanding our services for these two artists. Booking will be done by Filip Vuckovic, who was in charge of A Forest Of Stars' booking before and will operate under the banner of Prophecy from now on. Concert requests can be addressed to us via our contact form.

Statement by The Gentleman on behalf of A Forest Of Stars:
"We are pleased to announce that our wonderful booking agent has moved into his new house at Prophecy Productions meaning we are now all under one happy, cosy family roof. As a direct result, it will now be far easier for us to corrupt and degrade him when he doesn't perform our exact bidding."

Statement by Duncan Evans:
"I am very pleased to announce that Filip Vuckovic and Prophecy Productions will now be dealing with my concert booking. I assuredly trust that this new facet of the cooperation between myself and Prophecy will augment and reinforce our partnership, and I look forward to performing as often as possible under the Prophecy banner."

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