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15 years of Prophecy Productions


Artist of the week (01.–07.06.2011): Empyrium

In June 1996, Prophecy Productions saw its first release: Empyrium's debut album "A Wintersunset...". Since then, 15 years have passed, and today, the name Prophecy Productions more than ever stands for a varied roster of artists and extraordinary "eerie emotional music" far from any genre's restrictions.

In order to celebrate this anniversary with the fans of our artists, in the next twelve months we are going to choose an 'artist of the week' every one or two weeks whose records and merchandise are going to be available from our online-shop at special rates for a limited period of time. Of course, we are going to start today with Empyrium (see below).

There is more to it than that, however. For next year, we are planning an extravagant label-related release, and we are also hoping to realise another Prophecy concert night that is bound to eclipse the 2006 festival. We will keep you informed about it all.

Artist of the week (01.–07.06.2011): Empyrium

Empyrium have a special place among Prophecy's roster not only because of the fact that they are the first-ever band released by Prophecy. Especially in the formative years of the label, the project by Markus Stock a.k.a. Ulf Theodor Schwadorf has characterised Prophecy's profile like no other band, and 15 years on still ranks as the label's most successful group.

With their first two albums "A Wintersunset..." (1996) and "Songs Of Moors And Misty Fields" (1997), Empyrium set standards in romantic and lyrical Dark Metal. Their two later masterpieces "Where At Night The Wood Grouse Plays" (1999) and "Weiland" (2002) are considered today as early reference works of nature-related acoustic music. In 2010, after years of silence, Empyrium made a formidable return with the new song 'The Days Before The Fall' featured on the compilation "Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings," and very soon, they are going to perform their debut concert (on June 11th at the Wave Gotik Treffen) – something that many of their fans have been longing for 15 years, ever since the release of their debut album.

All this is reason enough for us to proclaim Empyrium as the first artist of the week of Prophecy's anniversary year. Up to and including June 7th, you can order all Empyrium products at the Prophecy online-shop at reduced prices:

Order now: All CD albums for only 9.99 Euros instead of 14.99 Euros
Order now: T-shirts for only 12.99 Euros instead of 15.99 Euros
Order now: "Logo" girlie shirt for only 14.99 Euros instead of 17.99 Euros
Order now: "Melancholy" hooded sweater for only 24.99 Euros instead of 27.99 Euros

All of these prices already contain word-wide shipping! So, if there still are any gaps in your Empyrium collection, you should order now.

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