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Various Artists - Whom the Moon a Nightsong sings

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Unrivalled compilation of nature-mystical Dark Folk

"Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings" is a compilation of rare value: a two-CD collection with a playing time of over 100 minutes that unites all the main players and the most promising newcomers of a nameless genre that is defined by (mostly) acoustic musical settings of nature's sceneries and impressions, or of personal sentiments mirrored in nature. The fact that nearly all of the songs included here are either exclusive to this project or rare tracks that aren't otherwise available anymore serves to emphasise the extraordinary character of this release. One of the highlights on "Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings" is certainly Empyrium's contribution - the ensemble's first new recording in four years and the impressive beginning of a new creative period. Also featured are the genre's founding fathers, Ulver, with a very rare recording from 1997: their track 'Synen' was only featured on a very limited underground compilation and is probably the Norwegians' most sought-after song.

01. Vàli - Hoestmelankoli
02. Empyrium - The Days Before The Fall
03. Nest - Summer Storm (Acoustic)
04. Nebelung - Ich Würd Es Hören
05. October Falls - Viima
06. Ainulindalë - A Year Of Silence
07. Les Discrets - 5 Montée Des Épies
08. Les Discrets - Après L'Ombre
09. Musk Ox - Solstice
10. Havnatt - Dagen Og Natta
11. Dornenreich - Dem Wind Geboren
12. Vàli - Haredans I Fjellheimen
13. Nhor - Upon The Wind Its Wings Beat Sorrow Into The Stars
14. Ulver - Synen
15. Neun Welten - Pan
16. Tenhi - Kausienranta
17. Bauda - Ocaso (Acoustic)
18. Orplid - Stille (Demo)
19. Nucleus Torn - Krähenkönigin III
20. Lönndom - Språnget Ur Ursprunget
21. Syven - How Fare The Gods?

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