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TRELLDOM are the brainchild of Kristian Eivind Espedal, who is better known under his artist's name Gaahl. The Norwegian became one of the leading figures of the Nordic black metal scene after joining the notorious Bergen outfit GORGOROTH in 1998. For many years, the vocalist was pigeonholed for his extreme vocals and attracted many, often dark rumours about his person. If any notion is true about Espedal, it is to always expect the unexpected. TRELLDOM have already written black metal history. The band founded by Gaahl in Sunnfjord, Vestland in 1992 released their debut album "Til evighet..." (1995) to great acclaim in underground black metal circles. Having changed the line-up to include guitarist Valgard and Stian "Sir" Kårstad on bass, TRELLDOM unleashed their sophomore full-length "Til et annet..." (1999) to already much attention of mainstream metal media. This album was produced by the legendary sound engineer Pytten at Grieghallen Studios in Bergen. Pytten also recorded the third milestone "Til minne..." (2007), which became highly regarded both by critics and fans. One of the key aspects of TRELLDOM's first trilogy has always been that in his own band Gaahl was free of the strict limitations under which GORGOROTH operated, and therefore able to explore his voice at will. With " the shadows..." the Norwegian artist breaks free from another mould. Returning after many years of dormancy, in which the musicians involved went on to work with several other projects, there is both continuity and change. The crucial collaboration with Stian Kårstad remains at the musical heart of the band. The by far the largest part of all songs on " the shadows..." has been created by Sir, who has also taken over all guitar duties. Yet Espedal has changed other aspects of TRELLDOM, which created fascinating effects. Now the renowned percussionist Kenneth Kapstad sits on the drum-stool,who was formerly of MOTORPSYCHO and is also driving the beats in SPIDERGAWD, MØSTER!, and THORNS. Kapstad also brought the internationally acclaimed jazz musician and saxophone player Kjetil Møster (MØSTER!, RÖYKSOPP, THE END) into the fold. The inclusion of Møster's unorthodox saxophone sounds can already be taken as an indication that TRELLDOM are no longer shackled by the narrowest definition of black metal. The music on " the shadows..." does remain dark and fierce. It is also clearly still growing out of its roots in the black past. Yet Espedal has willed his band into becoming a far more layered beast and set it free to roam in an avant-garde dimension – with the dissonant sound at times even turning towards the experimental. TRELLDOM have awakened from their slumber and " the shadows..." is a spirited manifesto for artistic freedom as well as a grand declaration of war against nostalgic stagnation. This album poses a challenge that states: love it or leave it!

1. the voice of what whispers
2. exit existence
3. return the distance
4. between the world
5. i drink out of my head
6. hiding invisble
7. by the shadow

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