Deine Lakaien - Forest Enter Exit & Mindmachine CD-2 Digisleeve

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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of "Forest Enter Exit" Deine Lakaien are releasing a new edition of their classic album, including the EP "Mindmachine". The album is available as a black and a strictly limited silver double vinyl in a gatefold sleeve, as well as a double CD in a digisleeve.
The theme of the album has lost none of its topicality. "Forest Enter Exit" is about dreams and reality. Dream and reality are images that arise in the mind and are shaped by the character of the individual. Escape attempts such as drugs, mind machines and cyber worlds will not change anything, on the contrary, they will only accelerate loneliness.
The nine songs on "Forest Enter Exit" lead through the most diverse corners of sublime dreams and human imagination. Excursions into virtual realities end in the sober gray of everyday life, only to be carried off from there straight away into the dazzling worlds of bygone times. A very personal audio trip between illusion and reality.
In accordance with the thematic variety, "Forest Enter Exit" combines a wide variety of music genres in typical Lakaien style. "Forest Enter Exit" is further proof of the band's musical individuality.

Forest Enter Exit:
1. Contact
2. Forest
3. Mindmachine
4. Resurrection Machine
5. Nightmare
6. Follow me
7. Brain Fic
8. Don't Wake Me Up
9. The Walk To the Moon

Bonus (“Mindmachine” EP):
10. Mindmachine (Video Edit)
11. Song For a Mad Choir Singer
12 Madiel
13. Mindmachine (Long Version)

Digisleeve 2CD

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