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Helrunar - Grátr CD-2 Digipak

2012-12-13 Item #: WOLF 028 LU Lupus Lounge
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The musical and conceptional cornerstone of Helrunar's discography

"Grátr". Helrunar's debut album. was released in a limited edition of 500 CDs back in 2003. By no means was this first sign of life the tentative steps of newbies in the world of pagan and black metal. nor were Helrunar searching for their own identity or the style that fits them best. No. the vision of the three musicians from Muenster/Germany was fully realized right from the start. and "Grátr" already contained all characteristics that would establish Helrunar as one of the genre's leading lights in the years to come: furious pagan/black metal hymns that are as catchy as they are aggressive. complete with an individual. philosophical and spiritual bend to their lyrics. Apart from that. Helrunar's debut set the standards the band easily met on their later releases: distinctive songwriting. expressive vocals. and powerful production values on top of it.

Hence. it is hardly surprising that songs from "Grátr" such as 'Seelenwinter'. 'Ich bin die Leere'. or 'Raune mit der Tiefe' are still ranking among Helrunar's absolute live favourites. No surprise. too. that many of Helrunar's die-hard fans consider "Grátr" as the band's best album. making the CD one of the most sought-after records of the whole scene.
To cater to these demands. "Grátr" will finally be re-released for the band's followers. The first 3.000 copies of this reissue will be presented in a graceful Digipak containing a bonus CD with another one of Helrunar's rare tracks. 'Hauch wird Sturm'!


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CD-2 Digipak

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