About us

Prophecy Productions is a label defined by its long-term perspective, high standards of quality, unparalleled dedication to the artist and the unifying vision of Prophecy as a distinct entity. Already legendary in the realm of dark and transcendental music, 2016 marked the 20th anniversary of Prophecy Productions and its debut release, Empyrium’s “A Wintersunset…”. In the decades since, the label has earned the respect of music fans and artists across the globe for its unmistakable identity and unwavering dedication to consistency, quality and the cultivation of community. Since 1996 the label has had the singular intent to release and promote exceptional and captivating music.
Prophecy has maintained a dedication to being an artist-friendly record label. Prophecy works hand in hand with their family of artists to help realize their vision and provide exemplary physical products of various formats, that fully complement their creative expression. When working with an artist, the cultivation of their identity and the complete freedom of expression is of paramount importance to Prophecy. This manner of collaboration has allowed Prophecy artists to continually surprise and excite listeners with captivating concepts, thought-provoking lyrics and stunning imagery. When paired with unique packaging, known for its focus on special editions and art books it’s clear what sets them apart from their peers.

The label has always stayed true to its core principles. These include Consistency, with Prophecy constantly taking a long view. The label values lasting relationships with their artists, as they feel a forward-thinking perspective is vital in developing and breaking fresh ground. This has created synergy with devout fans eager for music with depth, constantly pushing the label and its artists to new heights. The next key is Quality, Prophecy believes in substance and that special music deserves special production, layout, special editions and design reflecting their appreciation of the artistic effort. Then of course there is an important sense of Community, since 1996, the Prophecy family has expanded considerably. New genres are embraced alongside visionary artists and the team is committed to finding increasingly aesthetically diverse bands who tie into the dark and transcendental core that still fascinates the labels founders despite any stylistic choices or outward appearance. In fostering a supportive, unified community, growth and learning are never-ending.
Consistency, Quality and Community – Prophecy Productions has been unleashing dark and transcendental music to the world since 1996.

Prophecy is part of SPKR.
Multifaceted, independent media group specializing in the discovery, manufacturing, distribution and presentation of high quality music and art.