Imagine an unmistakably unique band, active for several years, while performing and self-releasing three majestic albums and two heady EPs, flying secretly under the radar of record labels, music media and the wider public at large. Not possible in these modern times of unfiltered music availability and the information superhighway, you say? Meet New England's 1476, America's best kept secret in the realm of dark, atmospheric Art Rock!
A duo consisting of Robb Kavjian and Neil DeRosa, 1476 create monumental music that draws upon elements from many genres including Metal, dark Indie Rock, Neofolk and Neoclassical. The band harbors an energy and mood that reflects the old, haunting landscapes of New England's coastal regions as well as the band members' personal spiritual/philosophical interests and practices. 1476's overarching intent is to always follow their instincts and reinvent themselves with each release, on their own terms.
Prophecy: Music and identity since 1996.
From 1996 on when we put out our first release, Prophecy has represented identity-establishing music and high-quality product design.

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