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Nhor - Towards A Light That Dwells Within The Trees Artbook 4-CD

2013-08-30 Item #: WOLF 053
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The complete works of Nhor collected in a noble book edition

Since 2009, the British music project Nhor has created its own unparalleled dreamlike world which is defined by the three dimensions of music, literature, and visual art. Nhor's musical panoply so far has spanned from doleful piano compositions to archaic Black Metal. Each release was accompanied by a self-written short story and unique artwork specially illustrated for it. "Towards A Light That Dwells Within The Trees" is the title of a limited artbook release encompassing Nhor's complete creations from 2009 until 2013:

- Approx. three hours of music on four audio CDs consisting of the three early releases "Nhor" (2009), "Upon Which Was Written Within The Stars" (2010) and "Whisperers To This Archaic Growth" (2011), which were only available in very small print-runs and have long since been sold out. And the new album "Within The Darkness Between The Starlight", which besides this artbook is only available on vinyl.
- Bonus tracks: "Upon The Wind Its Wings Beat Sorrow Into The Stars" (from the "Whom The Moon A Nightsong Sings" compilation) and "Theia" (so far only released on VHS video cassette)
- Four short stories ("The Tale Of Rathe Cahe", "Narul", "Whispers Of This Archaic Growth", "Within The Darkness Between The Starlight")
- Comprehensive introduction, yet unreleased treatise and passages written by Nhor
- More than 30 partly yet unreleased illustrations

The artbook comprises 84 pages in broadsheet format (approx. 28x28cm), and the cover features a valuable silver embossment. Limited to 500 copies.

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