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Fräkmündt - Heiwehland CD Digipak

2014-09-26 Item #: AB 062
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Fräkmündt's second full-length album reissued with extras

"Heiwehland" is Fräkmündt's second full-length album and was originally released in 2011. Once again, the Swiss "Ur-Folk" group addresses local lore, historical events and the feeling of homesickness. For this album, musical support for Fräkmündt came from Eluveitie-members Chrigel Glanzmann (vocals) and Merlin Sutter (drums). This new version on Auerbach Tonträger is enhanced by exhaustive liner notes and the cover of the traditional song "The Knoxville Girl" as a bonus track.

1. Bärgfrede
2. Chomm Domini, S'Esch Zyt!
3. Hüfifirn
4. Die Arme Seele Em Ys
5. Ha An Em Ort Es Blüemli Gseh
6. Dehei
7. D'Chueh Metem Holderechnoche
8. Suworow
9. Härz Mys Härz
10. D'Draachejongfer
11. Bockitobel
12. S'Toggeli
13. Tanzlaubehond
14. Aues Esch Anderscht
15. Heiwehland
16. Senged, Suufed, Tanzed Wöud!
17. S'Thuot das Anneli Nömm Uufstoh (bonus track)

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